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.COM Computers has been serving Oroville and the surrounding areas Since 1995!


Our mission is to provide the latest in computing technology, with friendly, knowledgeable services, at the most competitive prices.


"Service you can trust!"    


Owner of .COM Computers & Graphics, Dane Nelson


Hello, I'm Dane Nelson, original owner of .COM Computers & Graphics since 1995.



I have had a passion for computers since I was a child and started out programing on my first computer, which was a Commodore 64. I started my first computer business in 1986, selling mainly Laser 128 computers in San Diego, where I was attending a high school dedicated to teaching the latest in computer technology at the time. Since then, many things have changed in the industry, but one thing has not. There is a need for people to test and experiment with the advances in technology and computers, on an ongoing basis, so we can help others have a pleasant user experience. I've gone through most of the problems that people encounter with technology and have found solutions. I may not always know the answer to solve a new problem but I am an expert at solving problems that come up and most likely can figure out anything new that comes up. That is what .COM Computers will do for you.



I come from a family where music and art were an everyday part of life. My father is a talented teacher and musician and my mother musician and painter. With my interest in computers, I began using them as my tools to create art, enhance photography and edit video as soon as those capabilities existed. I created my first 3D animated video in 1997 on a Commodore Amiga for a computer company that I worked for. When I started .COM in 1995, I was working with both computers and doing graphic design so I integrated both into the name, resulting in .COM Computers & Graphics. At that time I worked with a menu company in the North state, creating menus with ads, in full color, complete with printing for over a dozen restaurants, published every few months. Later, I worked as a subcontractor for STOTT Outdoor, ultimately designing over 1000 billboard designs that were placed all over California and Nevada. Many of these designs included graphically rebuilding logos and enhancing photos, including the STOTT logo as it is used today. I love creating visually appealing designs that are effective in delivering a message, with an artistic flair that says "look at me!".


Thank you for your valuable time! I am gracious for my family, friends and customers. My community is my home and supporting local businesses has been a lifestyle for me as I hope it is for you as well. Changing the world, starts with changing ourselves. Life is a beautiful education if you let it.


Dane Nelson - Owner of .COM Computers & Graphics


I try to make myself as available as possible so feel free to call or email me directly.

Cell: 530.321.5119

Office/Store: 530.533.0202



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