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Smashed Laptop Screen
Smashed Laptop Screen

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Smashed Laptop Screen
Smashed Laptop Screen

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Broken screen or keyboard?

Can't get power or won't boot up?

Infected with spyware & viruses?

We can fix almost anything!

Tablet PCs

The latest in both Android and Windows 8

tablets available with many sizes and shapes.

Custom PCs

In just about any shape or size. Let us know what you want and we will build it for you!


With name brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba,  and more, there's a laptop to fit you!


There are a lot of choice out there. Use our experience to find the printer that is right for you.


We've been hand building quality custom PCs for over 20 years!

Data Recovery and Backup

We are experts at data recovery and can help with solutions to prevent loss in the first place.

I'm really enjoying my the computer your shop put together for me. It's so fast, wow what a step up for me. I can't say that I have any complaints since everything seems t be quality, from assembly to parts used. This is what I wanted, thanks very much. When I have any other computer needs I'll come by and trade with you. I also have told my friends & work mates to come see you as well.    


Jay Henderson