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Consult with me on your project

More info coming soon.... In the meantime, for whatever size job you have, we will give you the best quality design and printing available. Call for a design appointment today!

Web, Print and more...


Check out Loco.Run for one of my latest websites. From inital logo, page design and ongoing maintence, and search engine optimizing (SEO), we do it all. Need printed materials to go with your site? We've got it covered.

Another examble of logo, graphics and web design by Dane Nelson at

Political Websites


Check out for examples of how we can promote your political campaign, which is very importatnt in this age. We maintain and update the site as needed with changes to the menu and upcoming events as needed. These sites are also set up for mobile devices, which is becoming the premier way of browsing sites on the go.

Signs and Banners


The list of products to be printed on and desinged for is endless. If you have an idea, we can make it happen. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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