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Every love.


Sometimes I think I have it all figured out. I'll let you decide... Every love. Every one, the ones that have passed away, the ones that have broken apart, the ones that were separated by one having to choose between two, the ones that were crazy, the ones that seemed perfect but somehow still didn't work out, even the ones we have to love for random reasons, every love, was worth it and preciou...s. Every love taught me something I needed to learn. I love every love. Every love includes pain and suffering. Every love brings strain to your heart. Every love, if true, brings joy to your heart and soul. Every love makes you want more for yourself and the one you love, wanting more than can ever be, maybe. Sometimes we hold on when our heart hurts from things we expect that don't happen or things we don't expect that do. Sometimes we then flee, thinking that running away will make it all better, and sometimes, we stand strong and by allowing the experience to become a part of us, we become more than we were before, and then rise up, knowing that we survived! Without love, all we have is what we are told. However, with love, we know what is real all on our own. That is what makes life worth living. That is why we are here. It doesn't matter if your loved one is here or was here or will be here. It is accepting that love when it happens for what it is, was or will be, that is important and really, all that matters. Every love is love I love.


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